Fights are done outside, otherwise the house gets all dirty | 2023


Shown in Forum Maia

Curated by: José Maia
Co-curation: Filipa Valente

Instalation View, 2023
Photos by: Hugo Adelino

“Diogo Nogueira’s artistic project has an autofictional character, in which reflections and autobiographical elements intersect with an investigation into basic themes in the history of Western art, specifically its founding myths and how they are reflected in contemporary times. (…)

The artist uses the rock engravings of Ardegães as a reference, as well as some ceramic objects dating from the Copper Age, (part of the archaeological site located in 2004 within the scope of the Archaeological Map of the municipality of Maia) and, at the same time, a whole contemporary imagery reference, both personal and collective, which is reified in this ceramic set, from which emanates a necessarily fictional narrative that challenges the visitor to the Biennale.”

Carla Carvalho, 2023

Instalation View, multiple glazed ceramic plates, 2023
Photos by: Hugo Adelino

Fights are done outside, otherwise the house gets all dirty” also comprises of four paintings created on advertising banners. This was developed as part of an artistic residency program during the ‘2023 Maia Contemporary Art Biennale.’ The primary objective of this project was to bridge the gap between the exhibition space, the studio, and the artistic research environment. Towards that objective it was created a workspace/studio within the ‘D. Manuel Gallery’ at ‘Maia Forum.’ This residency was part of the biennale program and took place from May 19th to October 15th.

The created artworks draw inspiration from mural and scenography paintings. These pieces were intended for exhibition both indoors and outdoors. The juxtaposition of natural and urban landscapes serves to blur the boundaries between the two, resulting in a surreal and contrasting experience. Beneath these images, we observe interactions among human figures, some clothed and others in the nude. These figures engage with one another as if governed by distinct social norms.

Fights are done outside, otherwise the house gets all dirty, Acrylic on advertising banner, 2023
Photos by: Hugo Adelino

Production Archive

Photos by: Hugo Adelino

Photos by: Hugo Adelino