Tales and Mythology | 2021-22


Artsitic residency O Bueiro – Art Space, Porto (PT)

Shown in O Bueiro – Art Space, Porto (PT) 
Zet Gallery, Braga (PT)
oMuseu – FBAUP, Porto (PT)

The Little Mermaid: The Cut (A Pequena Sereia: O Corte), Oil on Wood, 2020
private collection

Tales and Mythology is a project composed of five oil paintings on wood produced during an artist residency at ‘O Bueiro’ Artspace and Studio in Porto, shown in its inaugural ‘Desculpa, mãe’ expedition.

These paintings reinterpret classic children’s tales, exploring themes of gender, self-identity, and social perception. These ideas are reflected in the processes of cutting, arranging and building the canvas shapes.

The Little Mermaid: SOS or Omition , 120×120 cm, Oil on wood, 2020

Public collection

The Princess and the Pea: The Prince’s Pea (A Princesa e a Ervilha: A Ervilha do Príncipe),120 x 200 cm, oil on wood, 2020
Private Collection

Little Red Riding Hood: Pissing Outside the Potty or Death to the Wolf , 120×120 cm, Oil on wood, 2020

Polyptych: Dress warmly, you’ll catch a cold | (front and back)
[Políptico: Agasalhem-se que vão apanhar frio I (Frente e trás)], 170 x 500 cm, oil on wood, 2021

Photos curtsy of Zet Gallery and Faculty of Fine Arts of The University of Porto.