The King’s Game | 2023

Shown in Clube de Desenho , Porto (PT)

Solo Show

‘The King’s Game’ exhibition view, Clube de Desenho, 2023

The King’s Game (2023) is a project comprising more than 10 paintings, 30 drawings, and 30 ceramic pieces. These works aspire to reflect on the concept of images and their creation, seeking to transform archetypes from the contemporary social landscape into evocative figures.
“These images engage in a dialogue with the grand themes of history, encompassing hunting, bathing, and bacchanals as timeless motifs. At its core, this series seeks to uncover a mythological narrative, one that is both collective and deeply personal. Here, classical and contemporary narratives converge.

Notions of masculinity, iconography, identity, sexuality, and fiction are central to the artistic production, giving rise to a collection of images that adhere to fictional iconographic principles.”

Exhibition Text Excerpt, 2023

Don’t swim in your boots, you’ll drown, 170 x 240 cm , Oil on wood, 2023
Private Collection

A Round of Applause, 170 x 240 cm, Oil on Wood, 2023

Garden playrooms, 40 cm diameter ceramic plate, 2023
Private Collection

Studies, acrilic on paper, 2023
Private Colection

Exhibition view

Exhibition Views, Clube de Desenho, Porto (PT), 2023
Photos by: Nuno Brandão

Inauguration Archive

Exhibition Views, Clube de Desenho, Porto (PT), 2023
Photos by: Matilde Ribeiro